My New Bird Camera

In the spirit of upgrading my equipment I sold two of my four cameras – D300s & D700 – and yesterday received in the mail a new Nikon D7200. It’s a DX and thus I keep a long lens on it to take advantage of the crop factor.

I was excited as a kid at Christmas and couldn’t wait for this morning to arrive. Before dawn I was out at Ft. DeSoto Park and this turned out to be my keeper pic of the day.

osprey20160405_8576-1– i’m lovin’ it –

🙂 🙂 🙂

5 Replies to “My New Bird Camera”

  1. Is that a nest beneath her? Or old meal? Too incredible, congratulations on the advanced tools of your trade, how lovely for you, and us.


      1. That was my third guess. Really John, how could it be more clear? I’m just not as accustomed to seeing and understanding these things as you are. I try but I haven’t gotten all of Brooklyn out of the girl.

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