Urban Thursday #1: “Downtown St. Petersburg”

St. Petersburg does not have mountains, deserts, or the Pacific Ocean. But it’s still a great place to call ‘home’.

st.pete20151030_5257 as Smart Object-1

🙂 🙂 🙂

Urban Thursday

– a Thursday sampling of downtown buildings & city landscapes –

7 Replies to “Urban Thursday #1: “Downtown St. Petersburg””

  1. That taken from the pier? I loved it in the 60’s but seems like it is becoming more cosmopolitan, which is fine.


    1. When I was my bohemian self here in the 80s, downtown was seedy enough for my liking. Now it is a combination of artsy and upscale, with numerous outdoor restaurants.


  2. You know, there’s an interesting effect on the viewer seeing the city from afar that you have brought us all into the bright and dark corners of. A kind of AHA! effect, to better understand where we have been. Nice.
    It coincides with my thinking about the book I’m writing, which is all over another city. I was thinking maybe a sketchy map on the frontispiece to locate the reader. You’ve convinced me. And it’s a pretty town you’ve got, too. It looks like they’ve gone out of their way cleverly to not block the view for everyone and still accommodate visitors.


    1. Very astute observation. Yes, the tall buildings are nicely spaced and don’t really block views or even intimidate pedestrians.


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