12 Replies to “Pic du Jour #21: “Please!””

  1. Mixed feelings … I’m thinking there might be a “story” here … take me home, but you just might regret it. The smile is a bit enigmatic but also misleading.


    1. The rope is what gives him away. He’s into bondage games, which is why he got tossed n the dumpster. 😀


  2. You don’t think perhaps, the Scarecrow is there because he is simply still looking for a brain? Perhaps, John, he was looking at you like that because you appear to him as the wizard? His hope springs eternal. Certainly your photography and wisdom, as reflected in much of your prose, would lead him to believe you may be the great Oz!!

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    1. Bang! Bruce, that’s the sound of you knocking it outta the park. What a great twist … excellent observation and interpretation of the scene.

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  3. I would like to hire both of you, Richard and Bruce, to write stories to go with my pictures. Would you work for beer? 🙂


    1. Under 1000 words coming soon on the “Lost & Found Doll.” I hold out for accolades … beer makes me piss & fart. I’m already a pissy old fart.


      1. Can’t wait. If you are planning on posting it to your site and want to use the picture, just right click and save to your computer.


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