5 Replies to “Pic du Jour #20: “Water Wheel””

  1. Ohhh, beautiful and fascinating! I could look at this for a long, long time. Thanks!


    1. Thanks, Lee. I am starting to experiment with multiple exposures (1) for a change of pace and (2) because I like abstract art. As long as I don’t wear out my welcome I am going to be posting more of these.


  2. This is an amazing looking thing, kind dizzying and wonderful for it, a fine hallucination. Well done. I was trying to figure out how it was a painted wall. It’s John painting.


    1. I didn’t take multiple exposures in the camera. There’s a trick I learned in post processing. You take a single image and then you duplicate it in layers as many times as you wish – only two, I think, in this case. Then with the transform tool you slightly rotate each image (the duplicates, not the original) to a different degree, to the right and then to the left, etc. Then you play with the opacity slider with each image. Net effect is to give you the slightly skewed and blurred effect.

      Pretty cool, eh? Now you have to tell me your trick of creating a frame around an image and then letting part of the picture stick out over the edge. 🙂


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