5 Replies to “Alley Oops #16: “What’s Behind the Red Door?””

  1. They had to paint it red so that people could find it! Obviously not an artistic decision to paint it red.
    I really like this one, Oops!


  2. Geez … I dunno Oops … what are my other choices? Usually they offer contestants at least $500 cash or “What’s behind the red door?” I think i’ll take the door since it does not have a “Do Not Enter” sign on it. Maybe it’s the Rabbit’s door and I’ll end up in Never Land, or Oz, Nod or Willie Wonoka’s Chocolate Factory… I love fantasy … Great shot and cool colors and most excellent title!


    1. Please note that the door is padlocked and does not have your name on it. Behind that door is hiding the next Powerball winner. 😀


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