5 Replies to “Alley Oops #11: “Smile””

  1. I believe all your affection for St Pete is justified, I am so impressed with their originality and bold designs, marvelous to see. The sort of thing advertising agencies of yore could not invent. I discovered a maxim with my owh efforts which is that it usually pays to go large, that miniscule or shy defeats every purpose. I love engravings and pen and ink, but monumental is a slam dunk. So glad you are documenting your boulevards.


    1. The City invited muralist from all over the country to participate in this festival, paid some of their expenses I believe but no fee, and the results are quite striking. ‘Tis a vibrant art community in this area. 🙂


  2. Reminds me of the announcement @ Woodstock: “Beware of the brown acid…” Great piece that resembles my brain at times … a complete trip. One artist or a group effort? In spite of the frenetic energy, it strikes me as “one piece.” Good get!


    1. Two artists, Gregg & Mike, both of whom I met while taking this picture, one of them from Atlanta. On another mural I haven’t posted yet several artists collaborated, joking and clowning around as they worked, somehow nevertheless coordinating their efforts.


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