7 Replies to “Alley Oops #10: “Frida Is Watching You!””

  1. Love it and the title you gave it! Have you thought of publishing a book of mural,alley art and, graffiti?


    1. Thanks, Lee. I might collect them some time but I think first I would want to re-photograph them under the best lighting conditions possible and with an eye toward being more “professional” with my approach.


  2. I’m with Lee. Make a book. This is exactly the kind of thing people fail to do then three decades later can’t believe they hadn’t documented their streets and buildings and people. I feel that often about my 20’s in the ’60’s in the Lower East Side and Chinatown and Brooklyn.
    And the clarity, along with mystery, the depth and strong emotion you manage to find in all this, the brilliant angles, is just splendid to view.
    Well done. Isn’t it funny about Frida. A remarkably courageous life of pain and sorrow, notoriety from where she nestled, and kept painting through it all. In many ways a parallel to Van Gogh’s isolation. I think all her beauty came from how she conducted herself, carried herself, stayed on her own course. I hope I’m not making that up but it’s my memory of her from reading, and certainly her surviving work is that of an interesting original, an individual.


    1. Thanks, Barbara. As you know, I downsized away all my books – art history & Frida included – and now I wish I hadn’t. Yes, she’s an inspiration – as are you and your canvases!


  3. Frida Kahlo … great artist & person … What is the part of the mural behind the truck? Connected with Frida or free standing pieces of expression? Good work. Book is in order … but, EZ for us to say.


    1. To my knowledge all the murals are separate and not thematically connected. I may even have some closeups of the others isolated & taken on other photo-days without the truck there, not sure at the moment. Thanks as always, Sir Richard. 🙂


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