10 thoughts on “Alley Oops #8: “The Open Boat”

  1. Have come back for another look at the details. Love it, as I read more into the imagery of ‘lust and the ticking of the clock’. Fits well into Edward Lear’s nonsense rhymes … ‘For too long we have tarried …. ‘.
    Oops, any idea who the artist is? I’m guessing that same as the ‘reconciliation’ mural?


    • Thanks for returning to check out more of this image.

      There is a web site devoted to these murals (http://shineonstpete.com/updates/) but unless I missed it I don’t see this one on there. “Reconciliation” mural? I don’t recall that one at the moment.

      Yes, I think it does have some connection to the Lear poem, minus the pea-green boat. 🙂 Your reference to “lust and the ticking of the clock” also reminds me of “To His Coy Mistress”:

      “The grave’s a fine and private place,
      But none, I think, do there embrace.”

      Thanks for your comments & stay tuned for more murals… 😀


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