10 Replies to “Alley Oops #8: “The Open Boat””

  1. Quirky, almost missed the stetson hat ear, and the open cuckoo and dog heart. This makes Owl and Pussy in their pea-green boat rather humdrum. Fantasy land; great art.


  2. Lots of amazing, peculiar details in this, worth a magnified look. Some imagination. Is there any corresponding detail. Looks large, too. What an interesting place you’re in.


    1. It is large, one whole side of a building, although I cropped off the edges and it is difficult to tell. Thanks…


  3. Find the drooping watch/clock and you have another Dali-esque painting. Lots of symbolism, or just silliness and fun. How do you find this shit? Great work and thanks for keeping us on our toes.


  4. Have come back for another look at the details. Love it, as I read more into the imagery of ‘lust and the ticking of the clock’. Fits well into Edward Lear’s nonsense rhymes … ‘For too long we have tarried …. ‘.
    Oops, any idea who the artist is? I’m guessing that same as the ‘reconciliation’ mural?


    1. Thanks for returning to check out more of this image.

      There is a web site devoted to these murals (http://shineonstpete.com/updates/) but unless I missed it I don’t see this one on there. “Reconciliation” mural? I don’t recall that one at the moment.

      Yes, I think it does have some connection to the Lear poem, minus the pea-green boat. 🙂 Your reference to “lust and the ticking of the clock” also reminds me of “To His Coy Mistress”:

      “The grave’s a fine and private place,
      But none, I think, do there embrace.”

      Thanks for your comments & stay tuned for more murals… 😀


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