7 Replies to “Pic du Jour #8: “Where Have All The Love Bugs Gone?””

  1. Oh my God does that bring back memories! The streets, sidewalks, backyards, parking lots, repair shops, highways of America used to be littered with these babies. If I remember correctly, your favorite vehicle for a long time, but sans the graffiti. It was probably the most beloved moving machine in the world. I don’t know about Florida, but California has been the happy hunting ground for the still functioning microbus.


    1. Being the proletarian that I was it was indeed my car of choice for nearly 30 years. Looking back I see now that compared to today’s sturdier models it was a deathtrap. There was a lot to survive from back then. 🙂


  2. Isn’t there a stretch, maybe Rte 66, out west where there’s a “fence” of VW Bugs buried roadside? This a cool shot because it is the Bug of a Love Child, at least somewhere in it’s life. There’s a thin line between “Roadside Art” and detritus … I think this is art. But, then I’m usually full of detritus! Good eye and good work.


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