Pic du Jour #5: “Streets Paved With Gold”

pearly gates express_D3X3471

When the rapture comes, this bejeweled Jeep down in Key West is hoping to follow his departed owner to the heavenly city.

🙂 🙂 🙂

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[a Friday image project, a la carte]

7 Replies to “Pic du Jour #5: “Streets Paved With Gold””

  1. I love art cars, and this one is a jewel. Forgiveness plates… perfect!


      1. My husband had an “art car” that had about 100 running trophies bolted on top of the car. There were two that were glued onto the windshield, several more on the hood of the car and a “finish line” with two eagles marking the end of the race. A woman’s trophy won the race. We had such fun driving it. We even took it to Canada and got so many messages left on the car. It was a high-rat colored Plymouth Volari station wagon. Sorry it has gone to the art car graveyard, or we would invite you out to photograph it.


        1. Sounds really neat and I wish there were a picture of it to view! Knowing your husband’s occupation he sounds like a reincarnation of the “Running Philosopher”(George Sheehan). I myself was I suppose what one could call a “Type-A” runner back in the 80s but don’t recall any trophies, just a few ribbons. My other post of an “art car” – the VW – I thought was kinda neat too. It was actually part of a whole row of similarly painted graveyard bugs somewhere out in Oklahoma. I’ll keep a lookout for more… Thanks.


          1. We may have an old photo of the car. If I find it, I will send it to you. Two of his friends were visiting from California (of course) and found the boxes of running trophies in the basement. They just asked Luke if they could take the trophies apart and drill holes in the car and bolt the trophies on. What could he say? There happened to be a woman’s trophy mixed in by mistake, so they got the idea that the woman would win the race.
            Some of the art professors at the college brought their classes to look at the car and decide if it was “art”. This was in the mid 80’s before there were many art cars, and probably only one in Dallas! Luke brought George Sheehan to our college and went for a run with him. I can only imagine their conversation. I couldn’t run as fast as they did, although I did finally complete two marathons when in my 40s and 50s! Thanks again for your fabulous street photos and your wildlife photos. We enjoy them very much.


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