5 Replies to “Alley Oops #2: “Pink Luggage””

  1. I like how you got all the different lines and colors and light together; first look at the subject, next look at the context, very good


    1. Lively colors, playful patterns – warms my heart to realize that foolishness is alive and well in our culture.


  2. Yes, RE comment above from nativeblooms, it’s very like you to pay attention to where the light hits the what. This could be a madhouse of lines and colors alone. Instead it is that, and good form, and good sense. It’s the kind of thing Duchamp did with Nude Descending Staircase, which everyone was invited to love with delight. I approve heartily of abstractions that enlighten but do not set out to frustrate.


    1. Thanks, Barbara. I’m still not sure I got the best angle on this image but at the time I sensed that straight on & centered was not quite right, either. I like abstractions that are playful.


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