Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

front yard20150803_1556

It has been raining for 18 days now and I am not the least bit thrilled. Not the normal summer pattern of brief-but-intense showers quickly replaced by a blazing sun but steady all day pitter-patter, streets flooded, and even the towering Skyway Bridge occasionally closed to tall vehicles susceptible to high winds.

walking n rainDSCF2075 as Smart Object-1

[There used to be a newspaper here in the “Sunshine State” that was given away free any day the sun didn’t shine, an anomaly in these parts occurring only about 5-6 times a year. One year Mother Nature didn’t cooperate, however, and St. Pete’s Evening Independent went broke.]

pacific ocean sunset20141027_3641 as Smart Object-1

Last Fall at a marina in Humboldt County on the coast of Northern California just as their rainy season kicked in I shelled out over 100 dollars for a shiny brand new oilskin slicker, the kind like brawny commercial fishermen wear to keep dry on trawlers out on the high seas. But I quickly discovered that while it looked neat it was way too cumbersome to climb in and out of, especially from inside a car with bucket front seats. I never wore it, I just headed South ‘till it stopped raining.

pacific ocean20141029_3695 as Smart Object-1

Which is not to say that I don’t enjoy SOME rain, splashin’ & playin’ like I was 60 years younger. (Okay, so maybe I carry an umbrella and a towel.) And Tzuri of course loves when it rains “cats and dogs” (bad pun intended). She gallops through puddles yappin’ at her reflection and heroically plunges into the Gulf to rescue sticks.


She’s happiest when she’s wet and muddy.


But enough is enough! Storm skies, yes, can be dramatic…


But rain skies are just wet and boring. And few venture out to have their picture taken by an aspiring street photographer.

rain girlDSCF2050 as Smart Object-1

🙂 🙂 🙂


10 Replies to “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head”

  1. Oops … good writing and good photography.

    When you complained to me several days ago, i was not aware of the steady rainfall the “Sun Coast” was enduring. Here in Central FL, your rain storms became erratic and scattered, though with great frequency and as a result, we’ve “enjoyed” a good bit of rain with sunshine and heat between.

    But, yesterday and today, the system stalled in your area is now plowing through CFla and it has been quite stinky. Rain and sun … good. Even 2 days of soggy rain w/o sun … bad. Should be better tomorrow and okay by Wednesday.


    1. As we speak the sky has turned to a lighter soup gray and I don’t need an umbrella. I’m thinking it’s due to my rain dancin’. 🙂


    1. there once was a soggy spider
      who slipped into a tavern to swallow some cider…

      [finish this for me, oh genius poet ye…]


      1. Oh, the Web He Weaves

        There once was a soggy spider
        who slipped into a tavern to swallow some cider

        The tavern was dim as he moved within
        In search of a bar stool to climb on

        A tender of the bar said I see you’re from far
        There must be a refreshment I can offer

        You see rightly, Sir … so you may if you can
        As I’m a spider in thirst of some cider

        A pint is six pence … or you may perform
        If you’re short of pence and long of forlorn

        The spider twirled and dodged and
        Suddenly lodged a spindle thin thread
        Round the tender’s bald head

        A gasp and applause from the bar came loud
        As the spider smiled and took a deep bow

        I believe said the spider, I’ve earned my cider
        So if you can, my young man,
        please draw a full pint … no lighter.


        1. Holy cow, Spiderman – I mean, Richard… That’s fantastic! You better add a lyric section to the menu of your website. THANKS!


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