A Lone Gull


seagull re-edited_D711703 as Smart Object-1 (1)-Edit

[Before my cataract surgery several years ago my photos, in retrospect, were horrendously edited.  Over-saturated & over-sharpened.  This is one I have re-edited, and I like it a bit better now.]

🙂 🙂 🙂

2 thoughts on “A Lone Gull

  1. Beautiful, John. Not just the bird and altered photographic skills but knowing the change to the viewer, being able to see,
    And I know whereof you speak; going from blind in one eye and 20% vision in the other ~~ to 20/16 in two surgeries….February 3 and 23 this year. The clarity and depth of field returned is astounding. We are living in remarkable times. Congratulations on your success.


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