Street Hawk

My long zoom lens has not seen much action since I came in from the wild and now prey on human varmints in downtown streets and back alleys.

Imagine the thrill of encountering this hawk just steps from a museum in the heart of the city.


His baleful look suggests that maybe he’s only temporarily civilized too, and when conditions are right will once again hightail it out of here.

🙂 🙂 🙂

6 Replies to “Street Hawk”

  1. Again I praise your incredible eyes and instincts. I’d be willing to bet a thousand people passing by missed him. Yes, thrilling find! Hurrah!


    1. I stood and watched him for about ten minutes hoping he would flap and fly and you’re right, many passed by without noticing.


  2. Birds are incredibly adaptable and will be here after we’re gone … unless we can shoot ’em all … a la the Dodo and other birds for fashionistas!


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