6 Replies to “Hitchhiker”

  1. How wonderfully strange. I thought at first he was Willy Nelson, but it’s more like his grandson, if he has one. Then I thought he landed because he had a fight with his girlfriend and she’s the pilot and has left him flat. Then I thought he’s got too much weight in that thing and is having a yard sale. The truth is probably best of all. You sure do find interesting things, people and places, Oops. Nice going.


    1. He does look like Willy Nelson! The truth is actually quite a bit more mundane. He’s signaling a truck to back up close to unload chemicals to pour into those mosquito tanks. He’s gonna zap the little pests. Just in county parks, not in residential sections.


      1. To be perfectly honest…in my final inspection of your brilliant photograph I did notice the mosquito thingy and it was too boring considering all the delight of any other context so I ignored it! Anyway, it’s cool that some Floridian de-bugger has long hair and drives a bird and is probably ex-soldier. And you sure do catch incredible moments, Oops, you sure do.


        1. One of the wonderful aspects of carrying a camera – in this case just my cell phone because I was out in the Park with Tzuri – is that I often get the chance to talk with these people. In fact, the first thing I asked was if he trained to fly in the military – no, he was civilian taught. He was incredibly nice, too. He saw me playing tug with Tzuri and went out of his way to come over and tell me when he was about to take off (so as not to scare Tzuri, although loud noises do not bother her) and what direction he was heading in. I came pretty close to asking if I could go up with him but of course I knew what the answer would be, and didn’t. 🙂


  2. I spotted the bug juice tank but was most struck by the “bug like” nature of the copter. If you up-size the photo, it sure resembles a dragonfly … maybe the “bug juice” is a sexually alluring bait to attract the mosquitoes and make for a bigger and grander feast in the skies! And, speaking of sexually alluring, it also fits with the Willie Nelson-esque mystic of drugs sex and rock-n-roll (though he was moral rural & country).


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