Happiness Is Another New Toy

Countless covetous eyes have cast furtive glances at the bulky Nikon D800 around my neck.  It’s a trade-off; carry an expensive camera in back alleys and you risk getting mugged.

The solution is a smaller more discrete camera and fortunately Fujifilm makes one which arrived yesterday in a shiny new box.

fuji camera box

The digital X-T1 has a nifty retro film look, sports a tilting LED panel to allow you to shoot unobtrusively “from the hip,” can be cradled covertly in your hand, and reviewers say quality-wise it matches (sometimes exceeds) larger DSLRs.


I’m a slow learner and it’s frustrating not to have buttons and menus and dials programmed into your brain yet.  There are no shortcuts to building up muscle memory and until then my fingers stutter when wrestling with quick shutter and aperture adjustments.


But I pour over the manual and hit the streets running every morning.  Here are two images from my very first street session with the new Fujifilm X-T1.

– Lost In Thought –


– Hold On Tight –


🙂 I can only get better, eh? 🙂

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