New WordPress Street Photography Site!

Viewers of WordPress have diverse interests and when they sense that a blogger is posting too many images/blogs outside their comfort zone, they tune out.

That’s when it is time to spin off a specialty site for the few and return to your core values for the faithful.

That’s what I did when I realized I was posting too many dog pictures, created a site just for Tzuri, and that’s what I am doing now with my street photos. I call the new site Street St. Pete and I welcome interested viewers to check it out and even click the “follow” button if you’re so inclined.

Street St. Pete is organized around a minimalist theme.  While there may be an occasional photography article the images for the most part will be free of distracting text.  Take a look, sign up, and help me “build” this new site from scratch and give it some “legs.”


[This is the first post on the new site, entitled “Legs”]

  🙂 🙂 🙂


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