The Situation Room

Four years on the road (including 7 or maybe 8 coast-to-coast cross country sojourns) is not a life for everyone.  But I was born with an itch and I thrive on exploring the Unknown.

It is no exaggeration to say that I woke up day after day in motels feeling blessed.

Ah, but I also love my toys!  My gizmos & gadgets, they comfort me. Unfortunately, that’s the first thing you have to jettison when you pack for travel in a not-so-big SUV. So, with mixed feelings, I have temporarily grounded myself on the Gulf Coast of Florida for R&R.

First order of business?  To organize the necessities of life, of course!

– The Situation Room –

office20150307_7395 as Smart Object-1

The rest of the apartment?  No furniture yet, and none on the horizon.  I mean, like, how would I even begin to match this color scheme for the living room?

new living room20150228_175001

…or the bedroom?

bedroom20150228_175255 as Smart Object-1

My personality only responds to the colors blue black gray & red, on the other end of the spectrum. Thus I am a bit reluctant to lug home major items that might clash.

Any interior decorators out there?

🙂 🙂 🙂

8 Replies to “The Situation Room”

  1. Wait. The colors in the situation room are good to go? You only have a problem with the other two rooms? It sounds like you already know what you like!!!


      1. Yes, black. With a small purple stripe as a nod to Easter. Who doesn’t like a good resurrection?!?!


  2. Mari and I vote for Bean Bag Chairs for your new digs. Very 70s … Tsuri could have a blast with them. Cheap and EZ to pack. You should stick with muted earth tones like Wet Muck, Pea Rock Gray, Sun Tan Ecru, Silver Bullet (to complement our hair!) Mushy Lima Bean Green.

    We were both impressed with the Command Central Station in your War Room … Electro Black … so basic and masculine. RICHARD HUSS


  3. You live there? Very pretty, including the colors of each room. It’s better to leave it like that — uncluttered and unadorned by stuff 🙂 . I’ve learned one has to be pernickety as to each and every item they welcome into their house. You got to clean, dust, and maintain it endlessly. Of course you already know that although I suspect I’m more ascetic than you.That’s one tidy situation room you have.


    1. Yes, this is my upstairs garage apartment. I do have a bed, of course, but no living room furniture other than a bookcase. I eat at my desk or outside on my deck when the weather is nice. So nice to meet another minimalist! 🙂

      Thanks for reading all these posts I had forgotten even existed.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s ideal — non-existent furniture 🙂 . I used to be be a fool, smitten by material things but it was never the authentic me.

        I can’t believe your blog remained undetected by me all this time as I’ve always prided myself on having the fortune to have stumbled upon the best blogs and writers on WordPress for five years.

        Hope you don’t mind I make myself at home as I keep on reading and going back to my favorite posts. They’re incredibly spectacular –the photos and prose and all. John, you are the most interesting blogger I’ve encountered so far. A real star.


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