15 Replies to “A Different Drummer”

  1. Cool … a 21st century rendition of the Colonial drum and fife portrait … and to think it all started with a war! Maybe we need to fight the Brits again … I bet we could win that one.


  2. Amazing. Was perusing the blogs and saw your photo. I actually know the drummer in this picture, he’s a good friend of mine. These are guys from Dmobrass (Distinguished Men of Brass). They are a great group. Here’s their web site.

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    1. Great coincidence! Looks like I’m on the other side of Tampa Bay from you. I seem to be missing the link to the website, however. Thanks…:)


  3. Gorgeous capture! I think the greatest compliment one photographer can give another is ‘I wish I’d taken that shot’ – I wish I’d taken that shot! 😀


  4. Just so splendid. Working Floridians! I don’t know which made me feel better, seeing musicians with a job to go to or their spats. It’s a wonderful photograph for the strength of each individual, each a separate entitiy and story, and a combo of one event too. And every one of them caught mid-step! Nice going.


    1. Thanks, Barbara. It was a lucky shot on my part, and I like that there are no pedestrians behind them to clutter up the image.


    1. I am always so amazed at coincidences like this! Another one would be if he knows my brother-in-law, Gene Hendry, who is also a drummer, from Lakeland, in a band called Rexartrefkin.


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