4 Replies to “Empty”

  1. Not sure it’s “Empty.” Maybe, “I need extensions for my legs … a ladder … or to move my PO Box to a lower tier.” Plus, it’ll probably just be junk mail …


    1. I originally used the title “emptiness” as a kind of metaphor for not only the architectural space but also the impoverished life of one so desperate for mail. 🙂


  2. As a traveler with a lot of p.o. boxes in my past and general delivery, this is very poignant. The building itself has a kind of sadness, a kind of graveyard look, but fascinating that it’s outdoors, and old, and filled with hope and news and money orders and ‘maybees’ for tomorrow.


    1. It’s a neat very old PO downtown and the outside sports dazzling ornate decorative tile which I hope to capture when the light is right.


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