The Reader

The homeless are easy prey for street photographers, and although I rub shoulders with them on many a corner I try not to exploit their misery.

homeless20150218_7121 as Smart Object-1

What punctures the stereotype of the typical “outdoor citizen” in this image, I like to think, is the hefty hardcover book.

homeless20150218_7122 as Smart Object-1

I can’t make out the title on the spine but it seems to be a collection of stories.

🙂 🙂 🙂

8 Replies to “The Reader”

    1. A lot of people catch me taking their picture and I usually don’t mind but in this case the park even though downtown surrounded by upscale shops was filled with homeless so I opted to shoot from across the street rather than wander through with my clunky DSLR. Now they make small mirrorless cameras that take excellent quality pictures and are much less obtrusive. On my wishlist. 🙂


  1. I like the muted colors in the second shot, and yes, I think you got his attention for a minute…hope he didn’t lose his place!


  2. I think he’s homeless like you are … seems to be well groomed, clean clothes, not shabby and dirty … my memory may not be reliable, but the homeless folks I recall were a pretty scuzzy lot … Maybe he’s just on a city jaunt for a day and his suitcase contains gear for whatever the weather will throw at him.

    If you enlarge the 2nd photo and look straight from the book to the reader’s nose, it gives new meaning to “nose in his book.”

    The photos bring out lots of possibilities. Really enjoy them.


    1. Years and years ago (1970s perhaps) I heard of a ‘sport’ where middle class college kids would descend into a place like LA or NYC with no money in their pocket and see if they could survive the weekend. I don’t know how many were never heard from again. 🙂


    2. “The photos bring out lots of possibilities. Really enjoy them.”

      I enjoy taking and posting all these pictures. Thanks for following and for all your scintillating comments.



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