6 Replies to “Moonlighting”

  1. Moonlighting … the reference can’t be the moon lit night has to be an income source … Finally figured out that the dude is reclaiming a beer bottle to add to the batch he collects for his friend in CT where they get 5 cents back on each recycled bottle. The one he holds has an atomically fused ice cube jammed on the neck of the bottle … left from a party a few days ago.


    1. Right for the wrong reason. There is no moon, shot was taken middle of the afternoon. Ah, Photoshop – i’m lovin’ it! 🙂

      PS – ’tis a lightning quick mind of yours to catch the double entendre.


      1. Fiddlefaddle … Photoshop needs to be declared a worldwide form of cheating … I think I feel a Huss-ssay coming on … Photoshop and fake boobs! Why do we even have “beauty contests?” It’s now just a contest for who has the best “Body Mechanic.” In the 1950s men did to car bodies what men do to women’s bodies now (though I’m sure there are some women who are re-constructionistas.)


        1. Not too many philosophers these days who say there is a “real” world ‘out there’ independent of our senses. It’s like our perceptions ‘photoshop’ reality with each glance. Like I say, “i’m lovin’ it!” 😀

          PS – reconstructed females, who needs ’em!


          1. Love the shot. Love the conversation, though I have a sense that I am just outside the periphery of full understanding.


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