Dharma Punk

Not sure what kind of encounter is taking place here on the street outside of “Sip, the Social Lounge”. His jacket reads “Social Distortion” and references everyone from Walt Whitman to the King of England to Otis Redding.

social lounge20150218_7111 as Smart Object-1

One thing for sure, he’s not very huggable, given those metal spikes protruding from the back of his shoulders.

social lounge220150218_7111 as Smart Object-1

🙂 🙂 🙂

Richard Huss asked about color in this image and there wasn’t much but I post it below for all to see.

social lounge220150218_7111 as Smart Object-1


10 Replies to “Dharma Punk”

  1. The best minds of someone else’s generation. That Brando line, astride motorcycle, asked by the bold pretty girl in the invaded town “What are you rebelling against?” He does that Brando thoughtful pause (opposed to a fast military salute) and says, “What have you got?”
    You’re right about the spikes. The dude on your street doesn’t look so sexy.


    1. Fortunately or unfortunately I didn’t stick around to size him up. Never even got a glimpse of his face. 🙂


  2. Note his “hanky code”, gay “flag” hanging from his left back pocket.

    You can then look up his hanky pattern/color and see what all he’s into.

    – Bill Cobb


      1. I think the guy above’s “hanky” is black and white, and it is definitely worn on the left side. Here is a communication system I was unaware of…



        The Hanky Code is a traditional form of signalling to others what your sexual preferences and interests are. Gay men used this code to communicate with each other in the noisy and distracting environment of gay bars. Although not as widely used these days, it is still a worthwhile resource and is, among those who know, a great conversation starter.

        BLACK heavy SM top heavy SM bottom
        GREY bondage top fit to be tied!
        BLUE, Light wants head cocksucker
        BLUE, Robin’s Egg 69er anything but 69ing
        BLUE, Medium cop copsucker
        BLUE, Navy fucker (top) fuckee (bottom)
        BLUE, Airforce pilot/flight attendant likes flyboys
        BLUE, Light w/WHITE Stripe sailor lookin’ for salty seamen
        BLUE, Teal cock & ball torturer cock & ball torturee
        RED fist fucker fist fuckee
        MAROON cuts bleeds
        RED, Dark 2-handed fister 2-handed fistee
        PINK, Light dildo fucker dildo fuckee
        PINK, Dark tit torturer tit torturee
        MAUVE into navel worshippers has a navel fetish
        MAGENTA suck my pits armpit freak
        PURPLE piercer piercee
        LAVENDER likes drag queens drag queen
        YELLOW pisser/WS piss freak
        YELLOW, Pale spits drool crazy
        MUSTARD hung 8″+ wants 8″+
        GOLD two looking for one one looking for two
        ORANGE anything anytime nothing now (just cruising)
        APRICOT two tons o’ fun chubby chaser
        CORAL suck my toes shrimper (sucks toes)
        RUST a cowboy a cowboy’s horse
        FUSCHIA spanker spankee
        GREEN, Kelly hustler (for rent) john (looking to buy)
        GREEN, Hunter daddy orphan boy looking for daddy
        OLIVE DRAB military top military bottom
        GREEN, Lime dines off tricks (food) dinner plate (will buy dinner)
        BEIGE rimmer rimmee
        BROWN scat top scat bottom
        BROWN LACE uncut likes uncut
        BROWN SATIN cut likes cut
        CHARCOAL latex fetish top latex fetish bottom
        GREY FLANNEL owns a suit likes men in suits
        WHITE beat my meat (J/O) I’ll do us both (J/O)
        HOLSTEIN milker milkee
        CREAM cums in condoms sucks cum out of condoms
        BLACK w/WHITE Check safe sex top safe sex bottom
        RED w/WHITE Stripe shaver shavee
        RED w/BLACK Stripe furry bear likes bears
        WHITE LACE likes white bottoms likes white tops
        BLACK w/WHITE Stripe likes black bottoms likes black tops
        BROWN w/WHITE Stripe likes latino bottoms likes latino tops
        YELLOW w/WHITE Stripe likes asian bottoms likes asian tops
        BLUE, Light w/WHITE Dots likes white suckers likes to suck whites
        BLUE, Light w/BLACK Dots likes black suckers likes to suck blacks
        BLUE, Light w/BROWN Dots likes latino suckers likes to suck latinos
        BLUE, Light w/YELLOW Dots likes asian suckers likes to suck asians
        RED/WHITE GINGHAM park sex top park sex bottom
        BROWN CORDUROY headmaster student
        PAISLEY wears boxer shorts likes boxer shorts
        FUR bestialist top bestialist bottom
        GOLD LAME likes muscleboy bottoms likes muscleboy tops
        SILVER LAME starfucker celebrity
        BLACK VELVET has/takes videos will perform for the camera
        WHITE VELVET voyeur (likes to watch) will put on a show
        LEOPARD has tattoos likes tattoos
        TAN smokes cigars likes cigars
        TEDDY BEAR cuddler cuddlee
        KEWPIE DOLL chicken (under-aged) chicken hawk (likes young adolescents)
        DIRTY JOCKSTRAP wears a dirty jock sucks dirty jocks clean
        DOILY tearoom top (pours) tearoom bottom (drinks)
        MOSQUITO NETTING outdoor sex top outdoor sex bottom
        ZIPLOC BAG has drugs looking for drugs
        COCKTAIL NAPKIN bartender bar groupie
        KLEENEX stinks sniffs
        KEYS IN FRONT has a car looking for a ride
        KEYS IN BACK has a home needs a place to stay
        HOUNDSTOOTH likes to nibble willing to be bitten
        UNION JACK skinhead top skinhead bottom
        CALICO new in town tourists welcome
        TERRYCLOTH bathhouse top bathhouse bottom
        WHITE w/MULTICOLOR Dots hosting an orgy looking for an orgy


        1. The “Hanky Code” is a clear indication why the “Gay Political Movement” made such headway (pun intended?) so quickly. You have to be brilliant to remember all the Hanky Codes and to get laws passed, minds changed and cultural acceptance so quickly!

          I think we need a House & Senate filled with Women and Gays … Just sayin’ We certainly do not need more fat, old white men …


  3. Cobb’s right on the money … again. This guy’s given away by his duds … he’s a wallet padded fashionista cruisin’ the boulevard. Far from a cycle-bandit-hard-ass-gangstah.

    Cycle boots with the tag hanging out and no scuff marks from dragging his heels from his weekend Harley. The carefully hung do-rag … expensive designer pants with just the right hand-rolled cuffs and complete with pocket logo. The chain, no doubt holding his AmEx Black Card stuffed wallet secure, with just the right amount of dangle. The unused braces curled under buttocks exercised at Gold’s Gym. The vest is an artistic statement for any and all to react against or for … he’s “Everyman” to any man. Note the shirt cuffs … an expensive item also. And topped by the professionally aged, ragged edged, backward-worn billed cap perfectly perched on “studio done hair” — not a haircut.

    Spikes might lead one, or two, to think S&M for the day or evening, depending on his rates.

    I’m surprised he didn’t demand a fee from you for his “candid pose.”

    Color might help this shot … though B&W provides a stark and bit of a harsh quality leading me to think S&M.

    Do you think I overdid this one?


    1. I didn’t stick around for him to “demand” anything from me. 🙂

      I’ve enlarged the vest and can make out many of the words but they just don’t make much sense to me, statement-wise. Right-wing? Left-wing? Anti-government?


      1. You’re assigning a motive to him different from why he purchased the vest … he’s looking for attention, not “making a statement.” On meaning … just “clothes art.”


        1. You mean words don’t have to have a meaning? Oh, my! I may be too old to comprehend that. Oh, wait – that’s Marshall McCluhan from way back in the Sixties, “the medium is the message”?


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