2 Replies to “Hallowed Be Thy Name”

  1. Okay … Explanation time.

    I glanced at the photo(s) and thought I saw a dude sitting by himself watching a big screen TV featuring a Xtian church Sunday sermon at one of the mega-churches spawned in the US of A.

    I immediately went to a ditty I wrote a few months ago about TV evangelism and Jesus saves … I love to watch (for a few minutes) TV evangelists … I attached the story here.

    Then, I had a thought … Maybe I should do more than glance at the photos. So I went back … enlarged them and saw they really had nothing to do with my original glance and conclusion … but, I liked the story and since you used a religious phrase, “hallowed be thy name,” I said, “Fuck it, Oops just might enjoy the story anyway.”

    So, here ’tis whether or not it’s related to your prompt.

    Hope this finds you healthy, acceptably insane and willing to carry on in your quest … whatever that may be. HUSS

    Richard Huss http://www.RichardHuss.com

    Cell: 203-209-6628



    1. No attachment came through as far as I can tell. Send it to me privately. Hopefully it will be easier to decipher than my images. 🙂


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