Four Stories In Search Of A Editor

It was not yet noon and they were passing a joint around, drinking beer, getting a buzz on.

The guy on the left with teeth rotting so bad they stank kept saying, “I’m just a homeless piece of shit, but please take my picture.”

At the same time the girl on the far right was pleading, “Don’t take my picture, I’ve been run over by a truck”. Then she winced and I noticed her two black eyes.

I motioned the middle two in from a nearby table and took a group photo.

4homeless group20150203_6468 as Smart Object-1

Each is a mother’s child; each has a compelling story, dying to be told.

🙂 🙂 🙂

6 Replies to “Four Stories In Search Of A Editor”

  1. Interesting how one can misread into the contents of a scene…. glad you included the background story here. First impressions are of four friends in a happy space. Look closer and the cracks show. Like your black and white pix.. works well, – adds atmosphere.


    1. Actually, you didn’t misread the image; the image failed to communicate its message. When a picture needs an explanation, it is not adequately doing it job. But I’m working on that… Thanks. 🙂


      1. And you just the man to tell it !!
        Actually, even though a picture is worth a thousand words, those words often don’t tell the whole story. Often, some, many or all those words are lies.
        So, yes, please continue to include your comments and amendments, adamants or condiments to your photos stories 🙂

        (new word: adamants= to act adamantly multiple times)


        1. I always thought I was just going through the motions but now I see I was performing my adamants – thanks! 🙂


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