In the tradition of Action Painting this young lady seems to have smeared as much paint on herself as on the canvas.

jill dripper220150130_6294 as Smart Object-1

When I asked her what it was all about she slipped into Zombie mode and began to make strange noises.

painter220150130_6295 as Smart Object-1

The scary part is that I understood her perfectly!

🙂 🙂 🙂

8 Replies to “Jill-the-dripper”

  1. I’m enjoying your street photography, or in this case beach photography, and your endless source of interesting subjects. I think most of us have a little zombie in us, right? 🙂


  2. Fabulous documenting of environs going on, John, real pleasure to walk to surf and concrete edges with you.
    There is some awful modern take going on with street painters that is headed to full strength gangster culture and I am SO offended. As a street painter of yore, a NYC wall painter, a billboard painter, I assure you it was not a passion of bums or vagrants or criminals. Michaelangelo and Renoir were the icons. And thrilliing adventure was the motive, not numb mess. But then, I’m old enough now to know without question that the younger generation is all wrack and wruin and wrong, toxic and in need of rehab.
    I’m glad for your photographs.


    1. That canvas, actually, was not nearly finished. She was telling me how a piano was going here and something else going there, which I couldn’t quite visualize so I tuned her out. I was more interested in her body paint. 🙂


  3. Perhaps you could have snapped her out of it by snapping open a wallet. (not necessarily yours) just to see if she reacted!!


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