A few days ago the State of Florida began to issue same-sex marriage licenses and perhaps it is no coincidence that gay couples suddenly seemed to nudge everyone else out of my viewfinder.


skates20141228_5204 as Smart Object-1

gay couple20150107_5501

  🙂 🙂 🙂

[My motto is “there is nothing which is none of my business” and therefore as a budding street photographer I shoot anything that moves, equally & indiscriminately; no statement about gender preference implied or intended.]

4 Replies to “Couples”

  1. There is something so touching about the skaters on the bench (beyond the unbelievably fabulous things on their feet) and I suspect it is their postures of genuine feeling taking the shape of a ballet, the concern of friendship for each other.


    1. I actually spent some time talking with the middle two, and got the life-story of the skater, how he was ‘almost famous’ once. Yes, they were quite tender toward one another. I ended up emailing them a couple of pictures and they were delighted.


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