11 Replies to “Garden of Earthly Delights”

  1. Here’s a great example of how color helps a shot. This needed color and got quite a bit of it. Gardens are color, “The Last Picture Show” is B&W … On the downside, I don’t think my body ever permitted me to move like those folks … even in the 3rd grade. Look for a surprise re: the abandoned bike shot …


    1. I wonder how much the title of a piece influences our expectations? “Garden of Earthly Delight” seems to me to demand color. But what if it were titled “Frozen” or “Cadavers” or some such? Would a colder title cater to a less colorful version?

      I thought it was you who taught me the sly trick of pretending to crumble and give way so the girl would come crashing down into your arms? 🙂

      In the abandoned bike shot I came very close to publicly asking you for a flash fiction. 😀


  2. I think you’re correct that a title does have influence …

    But, you did capture a garden of delights sans flowers … you saw the metallic pants blossoming in anticipation of “fertilization,” the short-shorts off to the right also inviting … the rose red t-shirt (a hibiscus in full bloom) … the colors of the blankets (fallen petals) and of course, the blossoms in the forefront cleverly disguised as paraphernalia.

    I don’t know what can be said about the guy off to the left of the photo, with his head “buried rooting.”

    Aah … gardening … I used to tend my 5 perennial gardens very often as naked as the blooms they were producing. Of course, that was many years and several bodies passed!

    BTW … I can’t recall ever “crumbling and giving way” … musta been Cobb. with that life lesson.

    The bike is evocative and a challenge with which I plan to push some limits. Patience, Dung Hopper!


    1. Ah, yes, your naked butt was immortalized in Bosch’s tryptich by the same name. And just to add fuel to your imagination, remember that small bikes like that are also favored by grown-up drug dealers in hooded sweat shirts and baggy pants. 🙂


      1. TMI … Too Much Information … The bike is the key and the narrator and the bike’s owner are the players … let the play begin.

        Richard Huss http://www.RichardHuss.com

        Cell: 203-209-6628



  3. Nice! So glad you’re paying attention to color and form wherever found. And suppose you were the ONLY photographer that day to record the monumental gymnastics. No no!! I would forever hold that you did a great deal for each other.


    1. Thanks, Barbara. I have always been fond of form but am only just now realizing that sometimes color gets in the way!


  4. Quite delights-ful!!
    I would have liked the B&W but side by side (so to speak) I like the Color one best!!


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