digital vs. analog

Cell phones are ubiquitous.

And that’s a problem for street photography because you’re flirting with a cliche when you snap a candid of someone engaged with their digital device.

But who can resist?

girl on phone

By contrast, how anachronistic it seems to spot someone savoring the printed word not on a Kindle but the old fashioned way!

beach reader

🙂 🙂 🙂

6 Replies to “digital vs. analog”

  1. Love this, great contrast of styles, the settings so direct, uncomplicated and clean.
    January! I think Florida has about 20 degrees on California’s central coast.


    1. You’re probably right about the 20 degrees. Like you, we get cold snaps but it warms back up quickly.


  2. I LOVE these photos. Sitting in identical benches. He with his socks and sandles vs her with what even in B&W appear to be gold colored sandle straps and painted toe nails as points of interesting divergences.
    BOTH he and her in very simple and unassuming styles really for their generations.
    Love the detail available in these photos. Including his “forget me not” book marker. Would love to know what the rest of it said. Thus the enticement of your street photography. The wanting of this viewer to know more about the subjects that may never me seen again…


    1. I’ve always admired your use of selective color. I’m still conflicted as to when to go full b.w. or not. Thanks…


  3. Two different styles, but both of your subjects are deeply focused on what they are doing. You could call it a generational divide that meets somewhere in the middle. Lovely shots, couldn’t imagine them in anything other than black and white. Hope you are well!


    1. ‘Tis a generational divide indeed, and the problem is I love my digital world so much I’m not sure which side I’m supposed to be in. 🙂


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