New Beginnings

Bears are hibernating, wolves prefer this time of year to frolic in deep snow, and the Pacific Ocean is a 10-day drive back to the other coast.

What to do, then, when your favorite photo ops dry up?

Why, learn a new skill.  And toward that end I’m going to try to teach myself a new genre: street photography.

What, pray tell, is street photography?

“Street photography is photography that features the human condition within public places and does not necessitate the presence of a street or even the urban environment. The subject of the photograph might be absent of people and can be an object or environment where the image projects a decidedly human character in facsimile or aesthetic.”

Here is my inaugural street image – actually taken some time ago but with ‘poetic license’ I am going to count it as my first foray into the genre.

jesus saves

More hopefully to follow. I will try to post these kind of images on a regular basis but don’t expect miracles.

I’m a slow learner, for one thing, and (2) at my age I haven’t enough time left to approach the status of a Winogrand, Friedlander or Meyerowitz, much less the rarefied realm of those great pioneers of photography – Eugène Atget, Brassai, André Kertéz, Jacques Henri Lartigue, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Walker Evans or Robert Frank.

🙂 🙂 🙂

6 Replies to “New Beginnings”

  1. Love it!! That’s what I consider my Babylon Village photos. Street photography (well about half of it) but all done in Babylon Village, Long Island.
    Your entree, however, is more in line with what I think most people would consider “Street Photography”. A perfect example and I hope you do more of it.


    1. I love your Babylon Village photos. There’s so much to learn about DOF and ISO and pre-focusing, and the like – all of which you do superbly. I also like the way you often put the color version side-by-side with the b.w.



  2. Splendid idea for you, a watcher of all things, a man with endless curiosity and poetic at every turn.
    I like this one a lot. I’m imagining things in their relationship with each other, the moment of the day, the gospel on the signs and in their hearts, and that however improbable and unready they surely are headed into some elaborate life’s journey.


    1. They were indeed an interesting couple to watch. It was early on a Sunday morning and cold enough for a jacket. Why he was barefoot and shirtless I don’t know. And what was in the wheelbarrow I would love to know. They didn’t take a brochure so I had the feeling they left Jesus behind. 🙂


  3. Love the “new direction” even if it’s an old direction you’re gonna dust off and clean up. B&W is courageous photography requiring the shooter to capture the soul of the viewfinder. Can’t wait to see you unfurl totally different feelings, emotions and art as seen by your eyes & heart. Rock on, Oops!


    1. Notwithstanding the technical aspects, the real problem shooting streets for me is Tzuri. We are never apart. Which means that I am always holding her on a leash with one hand, focusing and triggering the shutter of the camera with the other. She’s 18 months now but still a puppy at heart, full of playfulness and curiosity. ‘Tis a challenge indeed juggling both her and a camera but her obedience and desire to please is so awesome that I can now tell her to “setz” 10 feet from a plump delicious-looking squirrel, and she does. Wasn’t always that way, but she & I have come a long way.


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