No mere community park for Arcata, California – they can boast of an entire community Forest!redwood forest

And a redwood forest too, right next to Humboldt State University.

Is it not possible to see the forest, like they say, because of all the trees?  You decide.

redwood forest

 It’s a fun place to explore…

redwood forest

…and you never know who you’ll meet around the next corner.

redwood forest

redwood forest

In spite of some rather strict rules – no smoking, no alcohol, no camping, park closes at sunset – the homeless with their sleeping bags have laid claim to seemingly every other tree.

redwood forest

redwood forest

Tzuri said she wanted to try it, camp overnight.  It was wet and foggy but I reluctantly agreed.  And man did we have fun, woke up completely rejuvenated!

under the redwoods

🙂 🙂 🙂

13 thoughts on “Sleep-Over

  1. So beautiful! I thoroughly enjoyed our only visit to a redwood forest. Magnificent beyond words. An overnight immersion in a place so alive with nature’s energy must have been incredible.

    If I was homeless, I’d want to sleep there too.


    • That bottom image is actually a motel room with a gigantic picture of redwoods on the wall. I couldn’t get the entire bed in the frame or it would have made more sense. Other than it being a bit damp, I bet it is an awesome experience being there at night. No sounds of civilization whatsoever. 🙂

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  2. Hoorah John!!
    I remember my first days and nights in the wilds of Big Sur, some of it in parks, all of it intoxicating. You cannot help but ask why it took so long for something so breathlessly important. Tzuri’s getting a fabulous start, you’re making more of what you’ve always sought.
    The photograph of the trees from the roots to the tips, I suddenly notice that the trees in their communal formation, replicate their individual formation, and that circling of tree tops looks just like the rings in any one tree’s inside. It’s all incredibly beautiful; so glad it’s being incorporated in you both.


  3. The redwoods have been my cathedral ever since my first visit. I don’t return nearly often enough, but it’s a spiritual experience when I do… love the wall decal from the motel.


  4. Hello
    It is a great picture the one facing the sky with all those beautiful trees. Is it ok if I borrow it? I am starting a tumblr blog. I want to use it in the header. 🙂


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