A New Beginning

Any photographer from Florida has a million sunset pictures.

Quality-wise, this image is nothing special.  The difference, however, is that in this one the sun is not setting over the Gulf of Mexico.  After five months on the road we have finally found the Pacific Ocean!

pacific ocean sunset

Crescent City, CA.

🙂 🙂 🙂

11 Replies to “A New Beginning”

    1. I rode out the ‘storm’ in Medford, which actually was wet & aggravating but not really what could be called a storm. The closest I got was your incredible picture from up your way. After walking Tzuri in the rain for a week or so and my mood on edge the skies parted the moment we arrived here in Northern Calif. today. Must be a sign of good things to come!


      1. It seems that California has been missing out on all the rain. Then again, this stormy weather is what floats my cork… 🙂


        1. What floats your cork sinks my ship. I do of course like the picture opportunities that drift in with bad weather, but that’s about all. 🙂


  1. Okay … Just like Lewis & Clark, Tzuri & Hayes have made it to the Pacific Ocean. L&C had Sacagawea to record their event, but no camera … T&H had each other and a camera, for which we are thankful.

    Also, loved the leaf pile … fantastic colors and a perfect “model” who does not demand “scale” for payment.


  2. Congratulations to both canine and man. There is something spectacular in reaching the coast, an accomplishment. This has all the sound of something you have been heading for, by way of destination.


    1. When I first arrived in California in 1974 I knew it was to be my spiritual home. I stayed for two years. Maybe now it will become my actual home too. 😀


  3. Wonderful Photo!! And while definitely would not be mistaken for a Gulf of Mexico photo, it is just as glorious!! And you even have a seagull in it!!


    1. Wow! I hadn’t noticed the seagull before. But your Florida sunset pictures are second to none! 🙂


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