What, you don’t believe?  You scoff?


Being still young, Tzuri was curious, and approached the possibility with an open mind.


Deciding to see for herself, she plunged into the water.


“No,” I told her, “not out in the middle of the lake.  If anything’s there it’s supposed to be at ‘the end of the rainbow’.”


So she altered her course and began to search diligently.  At least it’s good exercise, I thought to myself with jaded bemusement, all that thrashing around in the water.

Then suddenly she alerted and gave a little yelp:  “I found it!”  “I found it!”


I’ll be damned!  There it was, the proverbial pot of gold!


Actually, on closer inspection it turned out to be half a pumpkin full of doubloons. Probably a pirate ship down there somewhere.


Now what the hell am I going to do with a smelly water-logged pumpkin full of shiny trinkets? I’m already living the perfect life, why complicate it?

🙂 🙂 🙂



15 thoughts on “Pot of Gold

  1. Haha, she did indeed find a pot of gold! That is an amazing rainbow! I especially like the shot where she is just swimming out straight towards the rainbow.


  2. If I didn’t know you I’d swear you painted that sky, it’s just fabulous! And Tzuri, the brilliant Tzuri. Where are you guys? Further south? or west. I’d have thought Colorado and Montana would be all ice and snow. Don’t see no ice. And you’re right about living the perfect life. Good going, John.


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