6 Replies to “Mt. Shasta”

  1. You go Tzuri-girl! Go get Rocky! Thanks John for taking such great care of Tzuri. She has blossomed handsomely. Looking forwrd to more posts.

    May aka Charley-boy’s mom!


  2. Hi John & Tzuri & Rocky

    greetings from my 6 years-old, 28lbs. flying Daschund/Beagle, Charley-boy-

    Bow-wow-wow Charley &May


    1. I think the altitude has gotten to Tzuri, she doesn’t remember meeting Charlie. Any clues I can give her?


  3. Ooops … Beautiful canine, and USA’s version of an alp. Photography superb. Glad I took a couple of minutes to catch up with you & Tzuri. Be well and continue to push your personal envelope. Rani send electronic x-country hugs to Tzuri.


      1. In my meditation this AM, I was reminded that I’m 72+ and have no time left to fight over right/wrong or to prove anything. I have time only for laughter and joy which leads to pleasure. I was given a formula: L+J=P squared … Kinda Einsteiny. It resulted in a harmonious and happy day for me.


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