Dear Mom,

I know you were expecting a report card but for an Independent Study project I hopped a train and have been riding the rails for the past several months.


It’s a great education, living by the seat of your pants.  I hooked up with a foxy gypsy chic who has taught me some priceless skills: grifts, bunkos, gaffles.

I’m just a shill right now, an apprentice, but will receive my certificate as a full-fledged bamboozle artist as soon as I pass my final scam.

Don’t worry, when not on the lam I found a great place to live. Top left, room with a view.


BTW, please send next semester’s tuition as soon as possible so I can graduate.

🙂 🙂 🙂

Barbra Streisand, Flim Flam Man

7 Replies to “Dear Mom,”

  1. Ah, the life. Guaranteed to enlighten, horrify, and get a lad written out of the will. But did she answer? Nice accompanying photos and music.


    1. Yes, one semester I spent my tuition money on loose living instead of enrolling in classes, a scam I highly recommend. 🙂


      1. My first and only year (a little short of a year) at Goddard was like that but I don’t remember questioning it or thinking I was pulling something off. Leaving home was an open meadow of experiment. Loose living, something like the benefit of being in a really bizarre, horrible motel the first time, is an important passage of youth. In a way, the rest of a life is figuring out how not to make that the norm.


        1. “Open meadow of experiment” is a nice metaphor, and the bizarre hotel really nails down the experience. I’m hoping before I get squashed by a semi- or tumble off a cliff to read your autobiography. Oh, wait – you haven’t written it yet. 😦


          1. You’re so pushy. I’m working on it. And we both have a good 40 years to go, I want to read your bio too, and no falling off cliffs/semi-squashing ahead. What would Tzuri or Tommy J. do?


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