Random Images

This is probably one of the few times my pictures don’t coalesce around a ‘theme’. No bears or wolves this year here in the Greater Yellowstone area.

But it occurred to me that I could at least string together a potpourri of images into a slideshow of sorts, just to prove that I still carry a camera.


😀 😀 😀

12 Replies to “Random Images”

  1. First off, I love the header. Exactly how it should be…the sense of thrilled eyes and hearts come from far away in cars to see this endless place. It’s a wonderful view of the land you’re in, the rainbow and the horses a delight, all your photographs are, these selected so telling of a hard but simplified life (justice and animal grub side by side; can the hanging tree be far off). I hope Montana stays in the thrall and never secedes to regulation. It’s all so large, so wide open, so given to expanding hearts.


    1. Yes, Courthouse and grub store side by side, I love that too! Justice was probably swift and then they went right back to tending to their livestock.


  2. Mountains are a close second to beaches for my favorite places on earth. Lovely images, John. As for those who pick up there’s dog’s poop (correct grammatically even), was the plaque it, or were there other provisions? 😕


    1. The dog poop sign was on a bench where people sit and try to scrape their shoes clean. No one in Montana obeys any rules. And yes, there were ‘mutt mitts’ but the dispenser was rarely serviced. The other side of the issue is that this particular area is heavily overgrown with weeds and it would be difficult to scoop anything up anyway. 😀


      1. My comment NOT grammatically correct at all. I’m amazed you understood what I typo-ed! Allergies have me in total brain fog at the moment. Not everyone obeys rules around here either, but no one enjoys stepping in it, so I try to pick up after the pooch.


          1. Honestly? I thought you were playing along with my little ‘joke’. I’ll take that as a compliment to the sculptor.


    1. Osprey nest, yes. I just a few minutes ago watched one of the three chicks fly quick circles for the first time.


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