Whiskey Before Breakfast

Early Sunday morning Tzuri and I stumbled upon these two toasting the advent of a new day.

tree sitters

Cooper Park in Bozeman, Montana

tree sitters

😀 😀 😀

11 Replies to “Whiskey Before Breakfast”

  1. They and you and Bozman made my day. [possibly the week, the year. By accident (and a huge discount) I discovered Honey Jack Daniels. Now, Jack and I have been friends for years. A Gauloise (so hard to find these days) and Jack Daniels is, well, something to the tastebuds and soul unequaled. But Honey Jack is like an embrace bu the gods, never to be dismissed as a casual interferance with purist pursuits.
    I am thrilled to see people in trees for one thing, look what the wild west still draws to its bosom. That they make an appropiate salute to dawn is fabuloso. That you knew where to find them? a mystical purposefullness that should entirely calm your heart. It makes you Guru, simple as that.


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