Creek On Steroids, River Run Amok

The month of May in Montana is fickle.  Cold and wind and rain vie with warm sunshine and flowers for our attention.

paradise valleyAt elevation snow turns to water, and the runoff – well, let’s just say that water on the loose has a mind of its own.

pine creek

We were hiking in the Gallatin National Forest when we heard the unmistakable sound of rushing water. More like the roar of a locomotive than a whisper, a normally quiet stream bloated with snow-melt had turned into a lethal torrent.

Not far away the Yellowstone River, too, higher than it has been in many years, has washed out trails Tzuri and I frequent.  I quickly re-attach her leash whenever we get close to this angry river god.

🙂 🙂 🙂

9 Replies to “Creek On Steroids, River Run Amok”

  1. Beautiful, that muscle-bound roar, what a place you’re in. Tzuri looks full-grown and fabulous.
    I’m glad for the water headed downstream, don’t know if Yellowstone’s had drought or not, but rushing rivers are fantastic to be near, brilliant of you to have included their music; your respect for all that speed is justified.
    The ‘Floaters’ sign….for people rafting? In Brooklyn a floater was somebody at room temperature, underwater, in no need of signs. Did you see anyone kayaking on the rivers?


    1. Thanks, Barbara. I just revised the video. Had the wrong clip of the Yellowstone River in it, one which showed Tzuri but not the force of the moving water. I hope this new down low closeup shot of the river conveys more of its true dimension. The river is about one and a half football fields wide, fast and turbulent and scary. Entire trees come floating by. I asked the same question of a local tonight about rafters and she said yes, there have been some, but not many.


  2. Yep, that’s springtime in the mountains alright! It’s downright impressive. Given our drought, I think our runoff will be lacking quite a bit.


        1. Well, life on the road in Montana, at least. Some rain I don’t mind as it can create interesting skies but sure is difficult to give Tzuri enough romp time. 😦


          1. Raincoats? or is she like Sissy and absolutely hates to go out in the rain? I’ve been known to resort to an umbrella when nature calls right here in my backyard! (and someone said that poodles were bred to be water dogs! Someone forgot to tell Sissy!)


    1. Tzuri thanks you for the awesome video, says not to be outdone she’s gonna learn some of those tricks herself! 😀


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