12 Replies to “No Room At The Inn”

  1. Ah, continuing education, nature study! Nothing like it. And it’s a lovely, heartwarming sight of America’s West, too.
    PS Is that the first horse Tzuri’s seen?


    1. Tzuri always barks at horses and cows. Today we saw some rodeo studs practicing roping and I so much wanted to get some pictures but didn’t dare take her any closer.


      1. You remind me, my last Brooklyn cat, Gorgeous, huge alll white boy with one green one blue eye….when we lived at the horse ranch, I introduced him, with some considerable caution, to a pastured horse. They smelled each other, me holding Gorgeous up by the horse’s head, then both did that incredibly endearing thing cats do…bumped foreheads, all sweet-eyed and in love. The more Tzuri sees of these splendid and huge animals, the more comfortable she’ll get. It’s her first wild west experience. And then you can take her to the ropers.


    1. Getting all dolled up for girls, I’ve noticed, seems to be wearing boots with a dress. The guys strap on spurs. 😀


    1. Years ago on a cross country trip I had a small VW and did in fact sleep beside the road in the back with my German Shepherd. Too old for that now. 😀


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