Dumb & Dumber

I had to give this sign in Kansas a double take before I caught the spelling error.

ordiance sign

But it reminded me of a sign I past in South Georgia a couple of years ago that needed no second look to confirm the dumbing down of America.

past us signD7X_1612 as Smart Object-1

I done have did what?

😉 😉 😉

12 Replies to “Dumb & Dumber”

    1. I seem to recall years ago an entire book was written about the many errors in public communications. Funny & sad at the same time… 😉


    1. Oddly enough, in many ways I actually like good ol’ down to earth speech. So vibrant and energetic and revitalizing. Even as a teacher reading student essays I am open to creative twists of language. Thanks…


  1. Love goofy signs like this, but it’s really sad at the same time. Must be them tiny keyboards. O_o


  2. They may have meant Per City Audience. And you had me looking at ‘Soliciting’ 20 times….
    Maybe there’s some marvelous hidden meaning in the Georgia ‘past’. Well, probably not. Big time language abuse, out of control. But sort of fun.
    I just read an LA-based news item…..’family victimized by a home invasion robbery’. Man, you just got to stay clear of those robbery thingys. And of course the steady reports of driverless SUV’s, always responsible for hitting people. Reading these days, signs and news, is kind of like Where’s Waldo? You know it sounds funny then you have to find the where.


    1. I didn’t pick up on “robbery” right away. Goodness knows how many unwitting errors I have made over the years.


  3. They may have their ordiance, but I enjoy being a part of your audience. Continually wonderful posts!!


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