The thermometer climbed up into the mid-90s Thursday afternoon, the first day of my new road trip.  Then around five o’clock when I turned west into the Florida Panhandle temps mysteriously dropped twenty degrees in twenty minutes.

I thought that a bit odd this time of year but promptly forgot about it.

We had been invited to stay at an A-frame cabin on 15 heavily wooded acres with several ponds and Tzuri wasted no time making herself right at home.

tzuri at eleanor's


The next morning we sat out on the dock leisurely watching the sun come up over the water.

tzuri at eleanor's

I was still wearing shorts and I could see my breath. It was 53 degrees outside.

🙂 🙂 🙂

24 thoughts on “The Ides of May

    • Tzuri is eleven months old yesterday. Thinks she is all grown up but really still a child inside. I recall a previous post of yours about your beloved dog so I know you appreciate what a wonderful companion a dog can be. Thanks…


      • She looks both sweet and strong-spirited so good she has someone in her life that appreciates her and can train her to be part of the human world.

        We miss our girl but appreciate the 14 years we had her companionship and will probably add a dog to our lives again when the right dog comes along.


        • My last German Shepherd lived to be almost 13 and I was devastated when I had to put her down. I said the same thing, that I would get another when the time was right. Well, it’s been 40 years and suddenly the “time is right.” 🙂


  1. I enjoyed reading this post knowing that you and Tzuri are a mere 5 or so hours from Atlanta. I hope your stay on the panhandle makes you breathe a bit easier as it does me. Your photographs are beautiful!


    • I was in Madison FL but only for one night. Yesterday I drove through Atlanta, thankful for the relative “slow” weekend traffic. I actually like Hot’Lanta but only when the traffic is benign enough for me to life my eyes from the road and appreciate the scenery.


    • Didn’t see anything but there are for sure snakes and alligators in the area. I kept a close eye on her but I did let Tzuri roam off leash. I was surprised how obedient she was, and how close she stayed to me. Also, fortunately, she hasn’t yet learned that water might be fun to jump in. It had been raining and cloudy all day but the moon did come up over the trees later in the evening. Mosquitos were having a field day!


    • German Shepherds have a range of colors but Tzuri’s is the coveted “black & red”. (I specifically requested that when I got her.) It is prized because it is a richer pigment than the traditional black & tan.


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