The Visit

A crow dropped by to visit an osprey.


I don’t think he was invited.


I couldn’t hear the conversation but I suspect it was unprintable.


😉 😉 😉

9 Replies to “The Visit”

  1. Beautiful pictures, how do you get these miraculous moments, these second-long encounters between wild things. What an eye and instinct you’ve got.
    Crows are so cheeky! I’ve seen them chase hawks and eagles out of the sky, they must have some pre-arranged contract about who gets to annoy and who gets to fly off. I’m so glad this had a happy ending and neither one of the birds ate the other. (Don’t tell me if I’m wrong).


  2. Stupendous interaction shots! Particularly that wingtip brushoff in the middle one! How cool is that?


    1. Thanks, Claudia. You have so many fantastic pictures of your own that seem to invite a narrative that I wonder if you have ever considered a blog site (in addition to flickr)?


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