7 thoughts on “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

  1. I adore them and only ever got to see them in real life one time, in Florida, when I was about ten years old. They bring out my deepest and most passionate feelings of patriotism for what Americans have contributed to the welfare of others in the world, the love and caring we have shown over and over for the poor and deprived of the world, and the oppressed. I realize, probably more fully than someone who is not a Muslim, that some of our military actions were misguided, but overall, I look back at the honour with which so many served, got maimed and died in the efforts to do the “right stuff” and, for me, it fully outweighs the mistakes. Military warfare may not be as “over” as we have been assuming it is in the past ten years or so. I pray with all my might that it is over, but I also fully support maintaining the possibility of mightiness should we need it. One thing is for sure in my mind: conventional warfare was certainly fought more honestly than anything that is going on these days, especially in the world of cybernetics and economic chicanery. Whadayathink?


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