The Drone

These guys were not kids playing with a new toy.  They definitely looked ex-military mercenary types testing a lethal black ops weapon.

drone_D8X2072 as Smart Object-1

I figured it was my moral obligation to spy back on Big Brother, so Tzuri & I hid behind a tree and took pictures.

drone_D8X2083 as Smart Object-1

But then it spotted me and I knew we were goners if we didn’t hightail it fast.

drone_D8X2093 as Smart Object-1

How does one go about applying for asylum?

🙂 🙂 🙂

13 Replies to “The Drone”

  1. For asylum: Snatch up the dopey drone (don’t smudge fingerprints) and run very fast as Tzuri runs barking/toothy/shotgun. Before you get on the no-fly list, call the embassy of a hostile nation (take your pick), make a list of demands like 5 Star Hotel, Mazaratti at your disposal, organic doggie biscuits, beer, pizza with cheese and pepperoni, favorite movies, big screen TV, etc., after a week of fun and teasing officials, hand them the drone and, for sure, have an exit plan.
    Nice work, John. Very ex, a military secret squad pulling an op in a public park. Transparency!! Looks like a prototype for a blade-safe propeller that doesn’t de-capitate but what’s that evil looking black box in the middle thing, a missile?
    Don’t forget to duck.


  2. Oops … you’ve spotted one of the new Amazon SameDayMailers Bezos, Amazon CEO, has promised us. Nothing to worry about unless you plan to send your photos to FedEx or UPS … then Bezos may have to put out a hit on you. He’ll probably keep Tzuri who will become the new Amazon mascot.


    1. I love this!! Did everyone notice all the drone cameras whilst watching the Olympics? It was truly cool to watch the downhill skiing that way, shots never obtainable otherwise, I think. Also extremely rapid rescues of people who fell, some of whom looked dead for a few seconds and some of whom made me wonder if they were bionic or something. Can anyone see the name on the thing? I’d like to look up the company on the internet and also ask some ex-military I know, a couple of whom have pretty high security clearances. All very interesting, actually. Imagine a drone that could be activated to arrive prior to an ambulance and have audio instructions for using a defibrillator it carries.


    2. Same Day Mailers, I like that. Goes right along with their one-click orders. They even know who I am when I log on before I tell them, really nice guys at 🙂


  3. i looked it up–cyberquad kit comes with a camera, glasses and can hover for hours? what’s the price tag? not cheap. they also give flying lessons. see cybertechnology/


  4. I’m speechless…. just shaking my head. Though come to think of it, one of the photo workshops held at my beach had something a bit similar. I suspect they used it to get overhead shots for their website….


  5. Their ad says it’s for “urban reconnaissance”. You and Tzuri just got reconnoitered. The actual operator of the drone is someone in a basement in China. I’d go there and negotiate.


  6. Yay! Tzuri for amazon’s mascot!! Then she’d rule the world!! Just think how well this will work to spy on your spouse/partner/lover/business partner/superiors you want to undermine!! Seriously, how high do they travel, I wonder? Will we have another 747 on the Hudson with one of these babes in it’s jets? Would be a great way to avioid having to have a gun if you lived in a dangerous neighborhood, wouldn’t it? Could likely be used to monitor gang/drug activities, prevent/find kidnappers and child molesters. I want one just to watch the woods behind my house with, see owls, woodpeckers. Whoo-hooo! Oh, best yet: use them to find pythons and the huge Geckos invading the Everglades and places northwards. Blitz the Geckos and save the gopher turtles, poor darlings. Can’t help but wonder how hard would be to kill someone who had it coming, though!


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