🙂 Where have all the love bugs gone? 🙂

dead bug

That might be one of mine.  I had four of them through the 60s-70s-80s.

Well… One got repossessed by the bank.  One I drove off a seawall into the Gulf of Mexico and had to wriggle through a broken window to swim back to shore.

Could be one of the other two, though.  Memory is spotty from those days.

where have all the love bugs gone

🙂 🙂 🙂

10 thoughts on ““gone to graveyards, every one”

  1. O.K.! Ronnie and I are just standing and sitting here with mouths agape and laughing quite wildly, but, you got us with that third picture, the military figure who looks like Putin after losing EVERYTHING at the Olympics and aging 30 years over it, well, 20 years at least. Speaking of driving cars off seawalls, I was last out of parking lot at my 40th high school reunion in New Orleans, during a pouring rain black night, and not yet realizing I had somewhat dim vision, nearly drove a Buick Riviera off into Lake Pontchartrain. Got the thing home somehow, to my aunt’s house, and it wouldn’t start next day. Guess I pissed off that car.


  2. I walked away from my first one when it died on the streets of San Francisco after taking me all over this wonderful country of ours. It could very well have been one of those in your pictures. The video made me a bit sad at how that trio has aged…. Mary with her cane and the creaky voices… a rather stark reminder that our time is short. Perhaps like the love bugs?


  3. My best friend’s parents drove a beetle in the most unfortunate shade of putty. I loved that car, much cooler than the station wagon. We used to tuck ourselves into the little well behind the rear seats, a tangle of legs and no seat belts, and no worries…I miss those days.
    So, this seawall in Mexico. Sounds like it would make a great post….


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