I’m no meteorologist and my experience here in Florida is obviously limited but it was in the 30s this morning and I’m thinking these tiny white crystals on the ground might be what those of you who don’t live in Paradise call ‘hoar frost.’


‘Hallelujah’ I said, and immediately hustled Tzuri out to play.


Her reaction?


grin & bare it

🙂 🙂 🙂

15 thoughts on “Frost in Florida!

  1. Tzuri’s first snow! frost! Cold stuff.
    What a treat for Floridians in Florida, not combing the elk/wolf/buffalo hills of the far north.
    And damn that global warming.
    We were 80 today and daffodils are starting to come up. Nobody knows what the season is, not man nor beast nor plant. Wonderful pup pics.


    • She loves squeezes, is very dog and people friendly. But as a pup she gets excited and wants to play so badly she barks and sometimes scares people. Kids, especially, she loves. I think she realizes that kids are more lively and playful than adults and she can spot one a mile away. I take it your dog is named Toby and I will convey the message. 🙂


  2. Hoarfrost it is! Isn’t it gorgeous, especially as the sun rises? Haven’t heard the usage of “hoarfrost” in a long time, nor the word “chillblains,” those hive like things you get when you are stupid enough to stand at the bus stop in white nylon nursing hosiery without a snowsuit over them. Southern girl had to learn that John Deere makes snowsuits for a true purpose!! or may have just keeled over in Iowa. Built my spine, it did, for certain!


  3. Tzuri is getting so big! What a gorgeous pup you have. My son and his girlfriend are in Florida at the moment (Orlando) and were expecting summer-like temps. Not sure if they had frost, but they were surprised by the cool temps.


  4. That second shot is incredible! So alert and attentive! What very goofy weather it be indeed. No snow at all in Ashland, even Crater Lake had way less than normal. Very strange.


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