The Pink String

When I picked up my 8 week old German Shepherd puppy, the breeder had tied a tiny pink string around her neck to use as a leash.

pink string leash

Back then at 9 lbs I could hold her in one hand.

tzuri at 8 weeks

Yesterday Tzuri had a birthday of sorts – 6 months old!  I bought her an expensive new harness and when I unwrapped it I couldn’t help but marvel at the comparison with the string.

Of course, it is an extra sturdy specialty item, a so-called agitation harness, thick black leather with a padded fleece breastplate, hand stitched by the Amish. Weighs over three pounds.

leather agitation harness

[The beef bone from Publix is a special treat she gets after every meal.]

tzuriTzuri is 45 lbs now and has just one last baby tooth to drop. She is so much fun to train because it’s all one big happy game to her and often she learns a new skill in one try.

The first time I threw a ball, for example, she chased after it and immediately brought it back to me.

And today in the Park on a whim I asked her to jump a bench on her way to retrieve her kong toy.  I was able to capture her response in a ten second cell phone video.

🙂 🙂 🙂

12 Replies to “The Pink String”

  1. What a champ! (but that leash she was dragging sounded like it might weigh more than three pounds!)


    1. The bench is made of light metal (perhaps tin) and I think the sound was that of the metal snap on her leash hitting against it. 🙂


  2. So little grass so much love. And she does percussion on the run.
    That is amazing. I have had my own experiences with throw -retrieve ad they never looked like that. Good girl indeed.


    1. Thanks, Elisa! I also have video in my Nikon and I am hoping to become more proficient with using it soon.


  3. A pink string for “Princess Tzuri” and, the string she uses to tie you around her “finger.” All very fitting and quite a contrast from the string to the harness, which as she grows, you will certainly need.

    I couldn’t help but recall my emotions with my children as they grew and learned “new tricks.” You make a great “Father John.” Oops, maybe I mean, Dad. Thanks for sharing your emotions and joy.

    She is quite the beauty and you two are growing into an inseparable pair. Welcome to her “pack.”

    Richard Huss Editor, Pulse the Magazine

    Cell: 203-209-6628



    1. The string really was pink although it has faded a bit in the picture. The breeder had – you guessed it – blue strings for the boy pups!


  4. She is so utterly beautiful and so happy looking! I love the harness, too! Used to live in Iowa by the Amish–fabulous craftsmen! Wondering if you boil or microwave bones before giving them to her? I always microwave in case of bad germs, but is it really necessary?


    1. These days with the advent of the Internet I never know exactly where the truth lies, and there is certainly lots of pro/con advice out there on feeding dogs. (And health issues, and training, and everything else, too!) But it is said that cooking bones disrupts their molecular structure and makes them easier to splinter when chewed. And there are reputable breeders of very expensive show/working dogs who feed nothing but a completely raw diet (including the bones). And those who refuse to vaccinate (inject poisons into their dog). And Vets who caution against spaying or neutering due to the resultant hormonal imbalance tending to lead to chemical disorders (adrenal, thyroid, etc.) See an impassioned Vet’s plea at:

      Thanks for stopping by, Martha.


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