The Look

 – Show no mercy to anyone who would violate this kind of trust –  

RMC1543John&Zuri3 as Smart Object-1

🙂 🙂 🙂

[picture of Tzuri & oops by Ronnie Crapse]

13 Replies to “The Look”

  1. What a love! (The position of his paws pulls at my heartstrings.)


    1. You are so right and thanks for bringing her paws to my attention. I had concentrated on her expression so much that I failed to notice. 😦


      1. Sheesh. I knew she was a she, and I called her a he. Sorry! Yes, she is striking a tender pose. (and something tells me you are quite forgiven for your oversight!!!)


    1. Why do I suddenly have to keep “moderating” and approving your comments before they will appear here? What are you doing differently?


  2. Well named. If the radar of Tzuri’s vision could be tracked, there is likely nothing in her eyes but you. (Albeit probable periferal alertness for lurking dangers). She’s just too wonderful for words, and the earlier comment about the paws so smart, I’d have missed that too and somehow her feet are all love. What a pup.
    And your paws. I bet Tzuri knows everything about your hands.


  3. What an utterly fantastic shot. This one is worth way more than the metaphorical thousand words.


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