It was 36 degrees this Thanksgiving morning when I went down to the lake for my romp with Tzuri.

Frank, the homeless guy with a penchant for conversation that can sometimes get irritating, wasn’t there.

But apparently he found a way to keep warm last night.

wild irish rose bottle

Is it my imagination or do those sunken reliefs on the seawall look like coffins?

🙂 🙂 🙂

17 Replies to “Firewater”

  1. It was 40 when Rani and I went out this AM @ 7:30 ‘ish … I think I need to move – thought this was Florida – land of sunshine.

    Have a wonder-filled Thanksgiving Day … Mari and I are thankful that Rani is now in our lives and home as I’m sure you are with Tzuri in yours.

    Richard Huss Editor, Pulse the Magazine

    Cell: 203-209-6628



    1. 7:30 ‘ish is when I was out too. Temp is what my car thermometer said but I am never sure how accurate it is, could have been colder. Caught me by surprise because I never check the forecast here in Florida – shouldn’t have to! I didn’t have the heat on last night either.


  2. Like FLA, CA might have winter drops in that range, freeze is rare. However, and talk of Thanks-giving….I no longer live in VT or VA where -20 below set in and never left. Whereas in CA no matter how cold the sunless overnight, by midday — 60 again! Us lucky birds o’feather. In the hot belts.


    1. I lived three winters in Michigan and well I remember a foreboding forecast to the effect that, “There will be no low tomorrow, as temps will keep on dropping.” 😦


      1. Ah, barren Michigan. But possibly the only state capable of interesting weather reports!
        I forgot to mention the object of your fabulous photograph, it is so rich, melancholy, sweet. I hope it’s owner, aware of that beautiful symetry, came back to find it and had a swig left.


  3. We’ve hit the 30s, but then warm up plenty during the day (by the time I crawl out of bed!) 🙂

    Your reliefs definitely bring coffins to mind…. seems to be a message in there somewhere! 😉


    1. Yes, I have been racking my brain for some kind of message but can’t come up with one. Whiskey can bring the dead to life again?


      1. Unless you see a hand reach through that stone, I’d guess it might just be the reverse?


  4. They do! And there’s no more appropriate place for an empty whiskey bottle than in a coffin. I’ve seen whiskey destroy lives of children, women who drink, nurses, doctors, men who drink, parents of alcoholics, and, when I have a moment of self-pity, careers of some of the best nurses ever born. It most certainly the Elixer of the Satanic Tongue. But my dad, who was an alcoholic, always distributed wine to the wine-oes who lived in the Central Business District, and there was some genuine compassion in that. I’ve helped him hand out cases of the stuff when I was a kid, knowing I’d never, ever, ever become an alcoholic, no matter what life hurled my way. His teaching method worked. love, marthax


  5. They actually look like the gorgeous caskets crafted in Dubuque Iowa at the Monastery by the Trappist Monks. Simple, pure, and I believe made without nails, ashes to ashes, dust to dust. love, p. marthaxx


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