The anhinga can be rather plain and dorky looking.  She’s not normally the first girl asked to the prom.

anhinga flying

But she can pretty up right nice when the boys are in town.

anhinga profile2


anhinga reflection 2

Then when she’s all primped, she likes to flash her stuff.


But what really gets the boy’s attention is the size of her dowry.

anhinga with lunch

🙂 🙂 🙂

9 Replies to “Anhinga”

    1. Thanks, Bruce. The excited chatter amongst the birds of Florida is to look their best for your arrival next May.


  1. Totally exquisite. By God, John….the colors you capture, the moments, hard to tell what impresses and thrills more. And you always get the animals you photograph in this divine grace of impossible balance. That first ballerina, like Fonteyn.
    Maybe best of all, and always anticipated, the stories you tell. Some dowry indeed.


    1. I am fortunate to be around a lot of birds who tend to not be skittish, which makes for good photo ops. Thanks, Barbara.


  2. Wow! The detail in the header is exquisite and the rest of the images ain’t bad either! 😀


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